There's one word that nearly every teenager dreads

There's one word that nearly every teenager dreads: volunteering. Instead of capturing the true essence of volunteering, which is to help people out of the goodness of one's heart, it has evolved into something almost forced upon teens like me. More and more educational based programs in high school are requiring people to volunteer, making people feel as if they are “voluntold” because they are left with little choice but to do it.

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The Sports Jurney

Every single day people are judged for the way they walk, talk, or even act. Along with being judged for those things they also get judged by the color of their skin. Sports are often thought of as a fun activity that people love to do. Although in the early 1900s the only people happy about sports were white men. White men were the only people allowed to play in a pro sport. This all changed when two people took a huge leap forward to what in today's world is “normal”. Although in the past couple years' racism has come back with a vengeance starting more controversy than anything. Racism in sports accrued in the 19th century although people like Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey helped to break the color barrier racism still continues to this day.

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Could recycling be harming the environment more than helping?

Could recycling be harming the environment more than helping? Evidence shows that while most think it’s the best option for getting rid of trash, the system may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Between expenses, impracticality, and how much it harms the environment in the sake of saving the atmosphere, people have been blinded into thinking this system does no wrong.

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